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Supporting people to make decisions: applying the Mental Capacity Act

Supporting people to make decisions: applying the Mental Capacity Act


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This booklet is for anyone concerned about another person's capacity to make decisions. It explains the principles of the Mental Capacity Act, which can help you to assess the person's decision-making ability.

Information is also provided on applying to the Court of Protection, which may be necessary in order to make decisions on their behalf. This should always be done in the person's best interests, in order to protect their financial and personal welfare, while also preserving their freedom and individuality.

Contents include

  • Decision making after brain injury
    Hospital treatment decisions
    Withdrawal of treatment
    Recovery and long-term difficulties
  • Assessing capacity to make decisions
    Helping others to make their own decisions
    Introduction to the Mental Capacity Act
    Legal framework across the United Kingdom
    Capacity for specific decisions
  • Preparing to make decisions on someone else's behalf
    Consider whether arrangements have already been made
    Decisions that do not need authority
    Introduction to the Court of Protection
  • The duties and responsibilities of decision makers
    What is a deputy?
    The role of a deputy
    The duty to act in another's best interests
  • Applying to the Court of Protection
    Making the application
    Urgent applications
    Fast-track applications
    Waiting for an application to be processed
    Appealing against Court of Protection rulings
    Changing circumstances
  • Protecting people's welfare
    Challenging the decision of a deputy or attorney
    Reporting concerns about a person's welfare
    Treatment under the Mental Health Act
    Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)
    Advocacy services

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