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Relationships after brain injury

Relationships after brain injury


Relationships are a very important and intimate part of life. They give us a sense of security and wellbeing, and contribute towards our sense of self-identity. It is often our closest relationships that provide the vital emotional and practical support needed when hardships are faced, such as when a brain injury occurs.

For some people, the emotional, behavioural, physical and cognitive changes after brain injury can have an impact on existing and future relationships. There are a number of ways in which this can happen and a number of different outcomes. Some relationships may strengthen, whereas others may become strained over time or even completely break down.

This booklet has been written to offer information and advice on this complicated and sensitive topic. It offers information on how relationships can be affected after brain injury, the impact this can have, and what can be done to help relationships that are strained. Useful organisations and sources of support are listed throughout the booklet, and a list of relevant contact details can be found at the end.

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